Cure your Angular Cheilitis Fast

The Treatment of Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the corners of the mouth. It often causes agonizing and painful sores with a formation of crust and ulcerations around the affected areas. It can be a fungal or bacterial infection brought on due to an accumulation of saliva in the corners of the mouth.

To treat angular cheilitis effectively the patient will need to follow a strict therapeutic regimen. With the right treatment, the symptoms of this condition can be relieved in a few days.

On the other hand, if the Angular Cheilitis sufferer fails to seek medical advise the condition may last for many months. Dermatologists and physicians will usually prescribe medication such as topical steroids or topical anti-fungal creams. In more severe cases the patient is advised to take oral anti-fungal medication.

Although Angular Cheilitis may affect anyone from children to adults, certain people may be at an increased risk. Often, an outbreak may occur as a result of recent radiation therapy. Another higher risk group is people who suffer from diabetes. It has also been found that insufficient nutrition can be one cause for the condition to occur.

The condition may often be mistaken for a general cold sore since it looks quite similar in appearance. In both circumstances the patient will notice redness, cracks, soreness and splits in or around the corners of the mouth. Then again, Angular Cheilitis is different since it is a chronic condition that requires special treatment. If you notice the above symptoms around your mouth area, you should consult a doctor who can make the right diagnosis.

Who is at Risk?

It has been found that a deficiency of vitamin B or iron can trigger Angular Cheilitis. One group that is in particular at risk are elderly who wear dentures. The reason for this is that dentures can provide the hiding spaces for the destructive bacteria responsible for Cheilitis. Those who wear dentures should always make sure to soak their dentures in anti-bacterial solutions to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

In such cases were oral medication is prescribed for treatment the patient will normally be given pills that are made to slowly dissolve in the mouth. This type of medication will be taken several times per day. Most of the time, the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis will disappear after several days. However, even after the symptoms disappeared it is advised to continue treatment for two more days to prevent re-occurrence.

Natural Treatments for Angular Cheilitis Reviewed

Angular Cheilitis will almost always cause the following symptoms:

– Sores, lesions and cuts in several areas of the mouth, especially around the corners. In many cases the condition will affect other mouth areas as well.

– Dry, chapped lips with cracks, sores and cuts.

– Reddish spots and lesions in the corners of the mouth.

– Formation of crust on the tongue and inside the mouth due to the infection spreading.

Angular Cheilitis is not only painful. For those who suffer it often leads to a degree of emotional distress due to its unsightly symptoms. The reason for this is that the mouth is a prominent part of our body.

Traditional and conventional medicine more often than not has problems curing cheilitis and its symptoms entirely. It is common that physicians and doctors prescribe cortisone or antibiotics that often only give temporary relief or in some cases do not work at all.

Due to this, along with considerations about potential side-effects of conventional medicine, alternative home remedies for angular cheilitis can be the best option.

Natural home remedies to address the cause and to relieve the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis can be obtained at several places online.

As opposed to medications that contain chemicals, those home remedies can be made from ingredients that are easily obtainable. Studies have shown that those natural remedies have proven very effective for the treatment of angular cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis Foundation. Former Cheilitis sufferer O. Ellis developed this remedy in independent research. The success rate for this treatment is high with 97%. It is a very effective natural treatment to get rid of all the symptoms.

Angular Cheilitis Solution is another very effective natural remedy. Claire Solby, the developer of this treatment makes use of what she calls a “dry out” approach to address and cure the condition. By drying out the affected areas, her remedy eliminates the bacteria and fungus which have been found to be the main cause for the condition.

The above two methods are recommended since they both do an excellent job addressing the symptoms of this rather common skin condition. Consider those if you want to avoid the potential pitfalls of conventional medicine or if you find that traditional medications will not relieve your angular cheilitis symptoms.

As is the case so often in traditional medicine, relieving symptoms only can certainly not be considered a real solution. Many over-the-counter treatments today only address the symptoms such as chapped lips or dryness but do nothing to address the actual root causes that lead to Angular Cheilitis in the first place. Treating symptoms only means that the condition will merely be relieved but never really being cured.

Any effective Angular Cheilitis remedy should always address the condition by its roots. In any other case, treating only the symptoms can be considered a waste of time. Cheilitis will re-occur over-long if a treatment or remedy doesn’t use the right approach.

The above two natural treatments passed our test. If you are looking for an effective way to get rid of Angular Cheilitis you should definitely give them a try.


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