Cure your Angular Cheilitis Fast

How Long Will It Take To Cure Angular Cheilitis?


The time it will take to cure angular cheilitis will depend on several factors.

* Recognizing Angular Cheilitis: A Proper Diagnosis Is Necessary

It Doesn't Have To Take Long To Cure CheilitisIt can happen that angular cheilitis is not immediately recognized as what it really is. It may happen that it is mistaken as a cold sore or simply as being a particular severe case of chapped and cracked lips.

When someone then starts treatment by mistakenly using ointments or medications intended to treat a cold sore, the healing process will obviously take a lot longer respective such a treatment may not have any effect at all.

* Understanding What Angular Cheilitis Is

The right diagnosis that you do in-fact have Angular Cheilitis is a good start but you still will need to know about this condition and what causes it. Those who do not know that cheilitis is a bacterial or fungal infection may treat it for days on end, say, by applying various moisturizing creams and ointments, but they will never get rid of the true cause: The harmful microorganisms that cause it in the first place. Simply by attending to the symptoms is not enough since the reason for the underlying cause (fungus, bacteria) must be addressed as well.

* Treating it with the Wrong Medication

Cheilitis can be a bacterial infection or it can be caused by a form of candida fungus that grows in or around the mouth. Obviously, depending on what caused it in the first place the right medication must be used. An anti-bacterial treatment will not work to get rid of fungus. In the same way, an anti-fungal medication will not work if the condition is caused by bacteria. Valuable time (and money) can be wasted that way. For that reason, a proper diagnosis must be made whether it’s a fungus or a bacterial infection that are actually causing the cheilitis.

* Preventing it from Re-Occurring

Getting rid of cheilitis is only the first step. The next step is to pin-down and to know where the infection came from. For example, if a patient wears poorly fitting dentures (which can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria) the dentures may pose a constant risk that the condition may re-appear, even after a successful treatment of the cheilitis itself. The same applies to poor oral hygiene or a weakened immune system due to a diet that lacks B vitamins and iron. Those causes must be identified so as to minimize the risk.

 What Can Speed Up The Healing Process:

  • Getting the proper diagnosis right away.
  • Knowing what causes the angular cheilitis.
  • Using the correct treatment.
  • Using a treatment that not only addresses the symptoms but also gets rid of the bacteria or fungus.
  • Preventative steps so cheilitis will not re-occur.

With all the above, cheilitis symptoms can be relieved and and the condition be remedied or cured even within as little as a few days. It can take much longer in such cases where the condition hasn’t been diagnosed right away or when wrong medication is used. When the underlying cause is not addressed, curing cheilitis for good may be very difficult since it’s likely to reoccur. You see that several steps will be involved so as to finally being able to cure it.

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