Cure your Angular Cheilitis Fast

The Different Types Of Angular Cheilitis


For the efficient and fast treatment for cheilitis we first need to determine the exact reason that caused it. What is known today is that Angular Cheilitis is an infectious condition that can be caused either by bacteria or certain types of candida fungus.

Types Of Angular CheilitisThe role other factors may play, such as a diet lacking B vitamins, is still debated amongst medical experts. On the other hand it is common knowledge that poor nutrition is one major reason for a weakened immune system which would increase the risk for infections and thus also the risk for getting Angular Cheilitis.

Proper treatment will always require a  proper diagnosis.

You want to treat cheilitis with the right medication. This can one be achieved if you know whether the cheilitis is caused by bacteria or a fungus. For that reason it’s important to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis at the fist sign of cheilitis symptoms. The doctor can also evaluate your diet and let you know whether it would  be recommended to change it. This can help with the healing process as well.

Angular Cheilitis Caused by Candida Fungus

Once the doctor finds a fungal infection as being the root cause of your cheilitis he will in all likelihood prescribe anti fungal medication and in some instances steroids. Today, there exist various brand names for such medications like Mycostatin or Mycolog II. Those medications are pretty effective in fighting a fungal infection. The steroids contained in those medicines will in addition help to soothe and calm the infected and swollen areas on the skin. Steroids however may in some cases lead to adverse side-effects.

Angular Cheilitis Caused by Bacteria

By and large, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics when it’s found that the cheilitis is due to a bacterial infection. Today, antibiotics are available either as topical medications or antibiotics that work internally. A bacterial infection can in some circumstances also come from a weakened immune system or inadequate diet. If the cheilitis is due to bacterial infection it is strongly recommended to assess your diet. Supplements with vitamins can strengthen your immune system and minimize the risk for bacterial infections.

Other Causes

Cheilitis is quite common amongst the elderly. Poorly fitting dentures are one frequent cause for the occurrence of angular cheilitis.Poorly fitting dentures may cause pockets in the corners of the mouth which may often become a breeding grounds for bacteria.

If you suffer from Cheilitis and wear dentures you should talk to your dentist if you think that the dentures may not fit properly. They may well be the cause for the condition. Proper oral hygiene and disinfection of your dentures over night will also be essential to minimize the risk for infection. Ask your doctor to recommend you anti-bacterial solutions where you can soak your dentures in. This will greatly reduce the risk of bacterial infection from your dentures.

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