Cure your Angular Cheilitis Fast

Treating Angular Cheilitis


Some may say that angular cheilitis is a severe form of chapped lips. However, the real cause for this condition is normally a bacterial infection or a fungus. This makes it quite different as compared to the rather common occurrence of chapped lips. Obviously, an infection needs to be treated quite differently. Common cosmetics such as ointments and topical creams are unsuitable to treat Angular Cheilitis.

Unlike chapped lips that may only cause a minor hassle in the colder months, the symptoms of angular cheilitis are often much worse: In some cases, areas around the mouth or the lips will crack and bleed and can be very painful.

Treating Angular Cheilitis Right

A good Angular Cheilitis treatment that will also be effective over the long-term must manage to address several factors:

angular cheilitis treatmentThe root cause for the condition (bacteria, fungus) must be addressed. Any form of treatment that only focuses on the symptoms and their relief but ignores the underlying cause cannot be very effective.

Ideally, the right treatment should combine the best of both worlds. The cheilitis-causing bacteria or fungus must be eliminated while the affected spots around the mouth, the sores and lesions, must be taken care of all at the same time.

There is another thing to consider when it comes to the effective treatment of angular cheilitis:

In recent times it had been found that nutrition also plays a major role when it comes to the occurrence of this condition. A lack of B vitamins and insufficient minerals in your diet can also trigger it. This is one reason why it can be recommended to take vitamin and mineral supplements in addition to working angular cheilitis remedies.

Bad habits can be one more problem

Sometimes it may simply be the habit to bite and lick your lips constantly that can bring on this condition. Wiping the corners of the mouth frequently can be one reason for it to develop. Doing this will often lead to sores that can quickly turn into an infection. The constant licking and biting of the lips will then make the infection even worse:  The microorganisms will spread around and infect many areas in or around mouth and lips.

Treating angular cheilitis right is not always easy since it requires the right treatment approach to really cure it for good. Once you spot the first symptoms you should seek treatment right away. Don’t allow it to get worse.

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